Oraanj Partnership (Collaboration)

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”-Henry Ford.

Building Success Through Collaboration, Orientation, Customer Focus, and Rewards



In this partnership, you will work closely with Oraanj, providing services under their guidance. Oraanj will assign clients to you and offer design direction to help bring new ideas to life. As part of the collaboration, you will receive mentorship from the Oraanj team in their unique design style. This partnership is mutually beneficial, allowing both parties to thrive.



Oraanj will support you in establishing your professional identity by leveraging their brand and industry-leading CRM software. During this phase, you will learn how to build relationships with clients and suppliers, setting a strong foundation for your career as a designer. As you continue to grow, there will be ongoing learning opportunities to further enhance your skills.


Customer Focus

In this step, both Oraanj and you will actively collaborate in sourcing and identifying potential clients. Together, we will ensure the high quality of your design output while exploring innovative approaches to expand the range of products and services offered under the Oraanj brand. By combining our efforts, our goal is to attract and retain a diverse customer base, creating new opportunities for success.



As an integral part of the Oraanj reward scheme, we highly appreciate your dedication and ensure that your hard work is acknowledged and duly rewarded. Upon successfully completing the probation period, which usually lasts between 1-3 months, you will commence site visits and actively convert clients. This achievement will not only earn you monetary rewards but also present an opportunity to begin building your professional portfolio.

The Collaborative Structure between Oraanj and You as a Design Freelancer

Oraanj offers a customer-centric design approach, and our partnership program is designed to prioritize our clients' needs. We ensure your ongoing orientation by providing regular email updates on essential business topics. By associating with the Oraanj brand, you can enhance your credibility, visibility, and profitability through our unique rewards system. Following our tips and actively building your brand will earn you more reward points, determining your level during assessments. Our structured arrangement aims to provide valuable growth opportunities for you as a design freelancer partnered with Oraanj.

What is the mechanism behind the Oraanj Partnership (Collaboration)?

The Oraanj Partnership (Collaboration) establishes a close working relationship between Oraanj and you as a design freelancer. You'll provide services under their guidance, while having the freedom to showcase your unique skills. Oraanj acts as a mentor, offering support and ensuring high-quality services. They also assist in sourcing potential clients, expanding your business opportunities. This partnership fosters your professional growth through mentorship, quality assurance, and client acquisition. It creates a mutually beneficial arrangement that empowers you as a design freelancer.

What are the goals of the Oraanj partnership/collaboration?

The objective of the Oraanj partnership/collaboration is to provide design direction and collaborate on innovative design ideas. Oraanj's expertise contributes to fresh designs while sourcing potential clients for your services. They maintain high standards and explore new creative styles to expand offerings. The partnership includes mentorship in Oraanj's design style, enhancing skills and aligning work with the brand's aesthetic. Overall, the collaboration encourages creativity, attracts clients, upholds design excellence, and provides mentorship for your growth and success in the industry.

How does the collaborator generate revenue within the partnership?

The Partner/collaborator generates revenue within the Oraanj Partnership program by leveraging their creative skills and experience. The program enhances their industry credibility, attracting more clients and opportunities.

Combining their skills with Oraanj's artistic design developments, the Partner/collaborator fosters personal and professional growth. This includes staying updated with design trends and receiving mentorship from the Oraanj team. These efforts build a strong reputation and high-quality portfolio. Increased credibility makes them more marketable, leading to higher business and revenue. The Oraanj Partnership program provides support and resources for a significant revenue stream, maximizing earning potential within the collaboration.

Revenue Sharing and Reward Levels in the Oraanj Partnership Program

The Oraanj Partnership Program operates on a fair and transparent revenue sharing model. Upon completion of the probationary period, an assessment process determines how the client's payment is allocated between Oraanj and the selected partner. Partners in the Reward tier enjoy a generous 45% share of the gross revenue, ensuring an equitable and consistent reward level across the organization. This program highlights Oraanj's commitment to fostering collaboration and providing financial opportunities that reflect the value and contributions of each partner in client projects.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.) Is an interview part of the selection process?

A.) Yes, an interview is part of our rigorous selection process for the collaboration program. You will have an interview conducted by a third-party consultant, and upon successfully clearing this stage, our CEO will personally contact you to congratulate you on moving forward.

Q.) Is this a freelance or full-time role? How will I be paid?

A.) This is a freelance role, and as a freelancer, you are responsible for your work and taxes. Upon completion of each assigned job, we will make payment to you without any deductions.

Q.) What are my entitlements regarding holidays and sick leave?

A.) Since you are an independent contractor, not an employee of Oraanj, there are no benefits related to employment perks.

Q.) Will I receive a computer and program memberships?

A.) As an independent contractor, you are responsible for providing your own hardware, software, and any other materials required for project completion.

Q.) Will I have a professional email address and phone number?

A.) Once you join the Oraanj program, we will provide you with details. You will use our Oraanj system for all client communications.

Q.) How will I be paid?

A.) Oraanj will handle invoicing clients and following up on payments. The collected payments will be split between Oraanj and you based on the reward levels.

Q.) What happens if I work on projects during the notice period?

A.) The agreement remains the same. You are required to complete any assigned work and will be paid accordingly. If a handover occurs during a project, you will receive payment for the work completed.

Q.) What is the notice period during the probation and after?

A.) As a freelance contractor, there is no formal notice period. You need to hand over ongoing projects to Oraanj. If you have no projects, you can leave by informing us. If you continue working with clients who made inquiries through Oraanj, you are still obligated to pay commission for their work.

Q.) Can I take part-time work during the initial months?

A.) While you have the freedom to pursue other work opportunities, it is important to note that you cannot work for competing interior design firms. If any work is generated through Oraanj and you decide to handle it independently, you will be required to share the revenue with Oraanj according to your reward banding.

Q.) Can I bring my own clients?

A.) All clients must be processed through the Oraanj systems. If clients contact you directly, ensure they follow the Oraanj methodology. Proper records must be maintained for mutual benefit.

Q.) Can I have another full-time or part-time job alongside the partnership collaboration?

A.) You can work for another company, but it is important to manage both roles professionally and it is important to note that you cannot work for competing interior design firms.

Q.) How does the project continue after completing the design process?

A.) The Oraanj system may upsell other services to clients, so there is a possibility of continuing to work with them after completing the e-design.

Q.) How are conversations with customers tracked and recorded?

A.) Currently, personal mobile numbers are used for client communication, so calls are not recorded. Please update the CRM with notes to keep us informed about client communications.

Q.) What software programs do you use?

A.) During the orientation, we will provide recommendations for software programs. However, you are free to choose the program or software that you are most comfortable with. Simply inform us of your preference.

Q.) How does the company's design process work?

A.) Once you become a part of our team, we will share detailed information about our design process with you.

Q.) Will I receive a list of materials, products, their websites, or samples?

A.) Once you join us, we will provide you with the necessary details regarding materials, products, their websites, and samples.

Q.) Is relocation required? Do you offer any support for relocation?

A.) We do not expect you to relocate. We will provide you with clients from your local area. However, you will need to actively participate in networking events within your area.

Q.) Is this program open to everyone?

A.) After working closely with numerous interior designers, we recognized the common challenges they face. Consequently, we have dedicated our time and resources to address the widespread issue of lead generation. While we offer this program to a select few candidates for a limited time, if you have been chosen, you will have 24 hours to decide whether you wish to join. After this time, your place may be offered to another candidate. Act promptly to secure your spot in the Oraanj program if you are interested.

Q.) Are there any fees to join the partnership program?

A.) Currently, we are conducting this program as a beta test, and there is no cost to join. This is a one-time offer, and in the future, the program may transition to a paid model.

Q.) How will I be evaluated after the initial probationary month?

A.) Throughout the probationary period, we will consistently assess your performance based on the daily tasks assigned to you. At the end of the month, your evaluation will be determined by your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and you will receive a promotion accordingly.

Q.) How are the weekly tasks monitored?

A.) We conduct a comprehensive review of all tasks over the weekend and average the results until the assessment day. The final score, which determines your reward level, is a combination of your overall work performance and the assessment.

Q.) Can I request an earlier assessment than originally planned?

A.) If you consistently exceed expectations in completing daily tasks and demonstrate proactive behavior, we may consider an earlier assessment. However, this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and solely at our discretion.

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